MS "Senator" e.V.

The MS "SENATOR" is a launch that used to belong to the Bremen senate and was used for representative purposes. The senate ceased using it in 2004 and put the launch up for sale.

A group of Bremen entrepreneurs decided to purchase the launch so that it would remain available for use by the local economy and the citizens of Bremen. The MS "SENATOR" is now operated by an association and can be chartered for corporate and private occasions.

The MS "SENATOR" is moored at Schlachte-Anleger 6. If you are interested in hiring the "SENATOR" for a special event, please contact the association:


Schlachte-Anleger 6, D-28195 Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 2046563 or +49 421 1787730

For further information, please follow the link:

MS "Senator" e.V.